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Welcome to Devavo Foods, where passion meets flavor! Indulge in our irresistible gourmet food products crafted with love and care. From our creamy and wholesome peanut butter to our tantalizing pickles and exquisite olive oil, every bite is a journey of culinary delight. Discover the perfect balance of taste and health, and savor the essence of pure deliciousness. Elevate your dining experience with Devavo, where passion for food meets your well-being.

Our vision is to bring the authentic global gourmet to the doors of Indian consumers through a wide range of products to enhance and enrich the Indian Taste and Tadka while keeping your health at the centre.


Devavo Foods, a brainchild of Rahul Khilwani and Mahima Punni, is a testament to their unwavering passion for food and commitment to fitness.

Rahul, an MBA graduate specializing in Marketing and Sales, brings his extensive business knowledge and expertise to the table. As a fitness enthusiast himself, he understands the significance of nourishing the body with wholesome ingredients.

Mahima, on the other hand, holds an MBA in International Business and Marketing, with prior experience in leading the marketing and branding department at a prominent IT company. She is determined to bring a future-forward brand with exceptional taste and packaging.

Together, they recognized the need to establish a brand that caters to the evolving health consciousness of Indian consumers. Despite the proliferation of gyms and health centers, they observed a dearth of healthy eating options in traditional Indian cuisine. With this realization, Rahul and Mahima embarked on a journey to provide the perfect blend of flavor and nutrition through Devavo Foods.