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Devavo Foods

Welcome to Devavo, where passion meets flavour! Indulge in our irresistible gourmet food products crafted with love and care. From our creamy and wholesome peanut butter to our tantalizing pickles and exquisite olive oil, every bite is a journey of culinary delight. Discover the perfect balance of taste and health, and savour the essence of pure deliciousness. Elevate your dining experience with Devavo, where passion for food meets your well-being.

We’re committed to invigorate your taste buds and amplify your overall experience.

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Devavo Chocolate Peanut Butter

Devavo’s Chocolate Peanut Butter is made from the goodness of dark chocolate which a is yummy delight loved by all ages. It boosts protein intake and is a great source of dietary fibre.

Variants- Creamy and Crunchy

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Devavo Classic Peanut Butter

Devavo’s Classic Peanut Butter is made from the traditional American Receipe, which is loved by all ages. It is a delicious energy booster, making it a perfect blend of taste and health

Variants- Creamy and Crunchy

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Devavo 100% Natural Peanut Butter

Devavo’s Peanut Butter is 100% natural making it rich in protein, with no added sugar and salt, making it a perfect source of dietary fibre!

Variants- Creamy and Crunchy

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Devavo’s Mango Pickel

Devavo’s Mango Pickle is homemade from hand-picked raw mangoes following Nani's tradItional recipe!

devavo foods mango pickle
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Devavo Lemon Pickle

Devavo’s Lemon Pickle is homemade from the juiciest lemons and a delightful blend of ayurvedic Indian spices!

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Devavo Mixed Pickle

Devavo’s Mixed Pickle is a handmade blend of mango, lime, green chill and karonda, marinated and tossed in a finger-licking blend of spices.

devavo foods mixed pickle
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Devavo Green-Chilli Pickle

Devavo’s Green-chilli Pickle is handmade from farm-fresh green chillis, covered in ayurvedic blend of spices which would make your mouth sizzle with flavour.

devavo foods green chilli pickle
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Devavo Olive Oil

Variants: Olive Oil for Indian Cooking, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil and Classic Olive Oil


Devavo Apple Cider Vinegar

Variants: Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother of Vinegar


Devavo Coconut Milk

Variants: Coconut Milk Light and Coconut Cream


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My child loves peanut butter but hates the salty or sugary additional taste, that's where Devavo has nailed it with it 100% natural variant, it is yummy and makes my son Ayan cherish his evening peanut butter sandwich.

Nisha Ranjana

My wife is pregnant and she has constant nausea. She just cannot have food without pickle, this Devavo Mango pickle is something she is enjoying for the last few days and has even ordered the other mix, lemon and chilli variants. Will repurchase other devavo products too.

Sumit Bhatt

We usually start our day with Parathas as breakfast and Devavo Pickle enhances the taste of our morning meal. I have tried the mixed and mango variant so far. Would love to try the lemon one next.

Akhil Vij

I tried Devavo Mango Pickle first from the entire range and it made me so nostalgic, it tasted so similar to the one my nani used to make when we were kids. Truly recommend.

Kirti Shehrawat

Devavo Peanut Butters are one of the best ones I have tried in a very long time, they are super creamy and you can quite literally tell that these are 100% natural the moment it touches your tongue. Super like from a super fitness enthusiast.

Ankit Sahni